Bayou Classics Cast Iron Covered Bean Pot 2.5 qt.

Bayou Classics Cast Iron Covered Bean Pot 2.5 qt. by Barbour

by Barbour
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Cast iron construction
  • 2.5-quart pot is ideal for beans and chili
  • Comes with handles on both skillet and lid
  • Includes cast iron lid
  • 8.7 lbs weight

Item Description

About Bayou Classic
Bayou Classic continues to be the industry leader in outdoor cooking equipment such as turkey fryers, stainless steel stockpots, cast iron cookware, aluminum stockpots, and grills. Their reputation has been built on a foundation of quality and customer service. Bayou Classic strives to create quality, cost-effective products that help spread the joy of outdoor cooking.

What buyers are saying
This pot is the best. Just the right size. I just got it last week and I have used it several times. Well worth the money. It came pre-seasoned but I spray a little vegetable oil on it and baked it and the lid for a hour. This pot is so useful. It's heavy but all true cast iron is heavy. I own several cast iron cook/bakeware and having this pot completes my collection. The width is 8 inch across and 4 3/4 inch height (without lid). It has the 2 spouts on each side for liquids. Can anyone tell me why there isn't any pouring spouts on a chicken fryer??? I need the spouts to empty the oil/shortening. You won't be sorry getting this pot. I'm not.