Ematic CD Boombox with AM FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speaker Phone

Ematic CD Boombox with AM FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speaker Phone by Ematic

by Ematic
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • 30'-plus Bluetooth range depending on environment
  • Answer calls and functions as a speakerphone
  • Line-in for use with devices without Bluetooth

  • Item Description

    Ematic CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth Audio and Speakerphone:
    • 30'-plus Bluetooth range depending on environment
    • Answer calls and functions as a speakerphone
    • Enjoy movies and games from your laptop, tablet or smartphone loud and clear
    • Line-in for use with devices without Bluetooth
    • Line-out for earphones or connect to a larger stereo system
    • Portable boombox with AM/FM radio bluetooth audio and speakerphone
    • CD, CD-R and CD-RW player
    • Ematic boombox with carrying handle
    • Telescoping antenna
    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • Can be powered by 6 x C batteries (not included)
    • In the Box: power cord, owner's manual

    What buyers are saying
    This boombox has easy to figure out controls on the back. On one side is a slider switch for OFF-RADIO-BT (Blue tooth)-CD/AUX. There is also a wheel type volume control. On the other side in the back is a tuning wheel for radio stations and a switch control for AM and FM radio. On the top of the back, there is a telescoping antenna that folds down compact. In the middle of the back are the power cord attachment, a place to plug in headphones, and a place to plug in an auxiliary unit. On the bottom of the boombox is the battery compartment, which takes 6 C size batteries. The front of the boombox has a section that lights up a dot, to show you what setting you are in. The top front area, has push button controls for the CD function. There is an area on the front that displays which track of a cd is currently being played, and when it is stopped, will tell you how many tracks are on that cd. To open the CD part, you just press down on the dot on the lid, and it opens right up.The sound is GREAT !!!! It is very crisp and clean. the volume goes from very quiet on the low settings, to pretty loud on the higher settings. The sound coming through the headset when I had it connected, was awesome, I could hear background instruments and tones, that I can't normally hear when playing the same disc in other players.The radio stations come in loud and clear, rather the antenna was up or not.The blue tooth easily found my blue tooth output from my computer and tv. The issue I ran into there was, when using the blue tooth, it kept causing me to lose my wi-fi internet connection. I also tried that out at another house with more updated equipment, and the same thing happened there. To get my wi-fi internet connection back, all I had to do was take the boombox out of the BT mode, and wait a couple seconds for it to reconnect. When not on the internet, and watching a movie, it was fine, and I was impressed by how clean and clear the sound was. I could hear all the talking very well, while it seemed to keep the background music and sounds in the background, making it more enjoyable to watch the movie.The boombox is about 4 1/2 inch tall, 10 inch wide and 7 inch deep, making it easy to fit into relatively small area's on my desk. It weighs about 1 pound, which makes it ideal to take along with me, just about anywhere I want to go.Overall, I am very impressed with this boombox, in looks and function. I do wish it had worked out better with my internet connection, but that was not an important issue to me.