Ozark Trail 43 Ounce Ultralight Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 1

Ozark Trail 43 Ounce Ultralight Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 1 by CAMPEX BD LIMITED

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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Carry weight: 2.66 lbs
  • Minimum Trail Weight (includes tent, fly and poles only): 2.20 lbs
  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum frame and stakes

  • Item Description

    <br><br>Ozark Trail Ultralight Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 1:
    • Carry weight: 2.66 lbs
    • Minimum Trail Weight (includes tent, fly and poles only): 2.20 lbs
    • Lightweight yet strong aluminum frame and stakes
    • Durable materials include 2000mm 30D x 30D Nylon Rip-Stop solid silicone floor
    • Nylon Rip-Stop solid 20D x 20D tent body
    • 1500mm 15D x 15D Nylon Rip-Stop solid silicone fly and carry bag minimizes weight while retaining strength
    • Floor dimensions: 89 inch x 38
    • Center height: 38
    • Seasons: 3
    • Sleeps 1 person
    • Taped seams on fly provide excellent weather protection
    • Honeycomb mesh protects against small bugs
    • Shock-corded, color-coded poles and grommet system streamline assembly
    • Adjustable stakeout points allow for quick and easy vestibule placement and tensioning
    • Large D-shaped door for easy entry
    • Roof vent helps control condensation
    • 1 organizer pocket for storing small items
    • Convenient to carry stuff sack measures 19.5 inch x 4.75 inch x 4.75
    • Average set up time: 10 minutes
    • For product questions, replacement parts or an extra copy of the set up instructions, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-325-4121.
    • Model# W700

    What buyers are saying
    This tent could be a four star or a two star tent. It all depends on your needs and expectations. There are a lot of positives - and negatives - to consider. Overall, it is a lightweight, well constructed, one person backpacking tent for the price. It's certainly not as well made as some of its ritzy brethren that come in over $300. But it is worth considering for the right application.On the positive side you can start with the light weight (under three pounds). If you ditch the stuff sacks, replace the plethora of supplied stakes with four TI stakes, jettison the bungee cords inside the poles, and leave some of the extra guy lines at home, you can get the weight down to just over 2 pounds (an awesome weight for a trail tent). The tent features a decent amount of room for one person with a vestibule big enough to shelter your pack and a few other items. It is long enough and the two ends of the tent vertical enough that a 6' tall camper won't feel claustrophobic. The aluminum poles are shock corded together to ensure easy assembly. The fly attaches via adjustable buckles so you can keep it taut in wind and rain. The zippers are very light weight. The seams on the fly and the middle of the floor are pre-sealed at the factory. You can get away with using only four stakes. Set-up is easy - with a little practice, you should be able to get the tent up in under two minutes.On the downside, the outside edges of the tent floor are not seam sealed. Worse yet, they are sewed together with a piece of bias tape on the outside to ensure the seam is strong (see the attached picture). Unfortunately, that means you will have to do a good job of sealing those seams to ensure that the bias tape does not trap extra water that will leak into the tent (on the remote outside chance that it might actually rain while you are camping). The fly also does not extend fully to the ground so the seams at the base of the wall are exposed a little which makes the issue even more critical. The light weight zippers will require a little extra effort to make sure that they are not abused to ensure a longer life (see picture of the zipper). The fly is really really a tight fit. You will have to be cautious to make sure make sure you do not rip a seam or snap a pole during setup. The last issue will get better with time, but it is really tight in the beginning.Between the Spark Reviewer program and the fact that I have been a Scout leader for the last half century, by default, I have become a collector of tents. In addition to this tent, I have two other one person tents in this same Ozark Trail series. The currently available \"Ozark Trail Backpacking Tent with vestibule, 1 Person inch is slightly heavier (3.21 pounds) and it addresses some of the issues in this tent. The bathtub floor design is already fully waterproofed for you and the fly starts out as a better fit. But it is a little smaller and the sides slant in at a lower angle which makes it tougher on a tall person and the zippers are just as fragile as on this tent. I also have the Ozark Trail Ultralight 1 Backpacking Tent. While this is currently out of stock, it seems to come available on a regular basis. This last option is the heaviest of the three (3.9 pounds), but it has the most room and more robust zippers (which is why it is heaviest). This is also the option that will take the most abuse.So... if you are an occasional camper, or buying this for a young camper, that is really rough on equipment, there are better choices out there than the Ozark Trail 43 oz Ultralight Backpacking Tent. If you are an experienced backpacker that is willing to take the time to prep the tent before the first outing and is willing to take care of it out in the field, this is a worthy consideration. I know the limitations and fully expect this to become my go to tent when I need a 1 person backpacking tent. Even if you are new to backpacking and are willing to take your time and treat the tent with care, this might be a good choice for you.