Midland GMRS 2-Way Radio with 22 Channels Value Pack, Black

Midland GMRS 2-Way Radio with 22 Channels Value Pack, Black by Midland

by Midland
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on 6-14-2018

Product Features
  • Extreme range up to 24 miles
  • Call alert
  • Silent operation

  • Item Description

    Midland GMRS 2-Way Radio with 22 Channels Value Pack:

    • Extreme range up to 24 miles keeps you connected
    • Call alert helps keep you engaged with your radio party
    • Silent operation
    • High or low power settings trade range for battery
    • Auto squelch keeps speaker silent when no signal is present to keep power preserved
    • Keypad lock helps prevent any accidents to keep settings intact
    • Water-resistant
    • Midland GMRS radio includes a pair of radios, belt clips, rechargeable battery packs, desktop charger, AC adapter and owner's manual for proper operation
    • Color: black
    • 2-way radio can access 22 channels for a broad range
    • Ideal for quick communication and water operations, especially in areas with low cellular coverage

    What buyers are saying
    As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time on this trip I tested the Midland LXT500VP3 (Up to 24 Mile Two-Way Radios). The radio itself is a good size and sits comfortably in the hand. The antenna sits about 2 inches taller than the unit and is hard plastic. There are removable belt clips for each handheld unit. The top of the belt clips stick out from the back of the unit about half an inch as if they were hinged but they are in fact not hinged and therefor just push into whatever its clipped to. The main button you use to transmit is textured and made of an easily gripped rubber so it made talking very easy. The LCD screen is not backlit and when turned on displays only the channel being used (until the battery is low then it has a low battery indicator). The handheld units were easy to control with clearly marked buttons on the front.The set comes with a rechargeable battery for each handheld unit and a desktop charger. The desktop charging unit is small and light with red indicator lights to show when the units are charging. The desktop charger will charge both radios at once or you can use the power cord to charge one unit independently. The radios are supposed to be charged 12 hours for a complete charge. If you wont have access to an AC plug you can purchase the additional cable to allow these to charge via the cigarette lighter in a vehicle.While these radios boast up to 24 miles in range that is likely not what you can expect to get. The longer range frequencies require a paid GMRS license that you have to apply for from the FCC (this was not mentioned on the website but it is in the owners manual which you can download and read before purchase). That leaves channels 8 through 14 (out of the total 22 channels) for use by an unlicensed operator. We did not have the GMRS license so we were only able to test on the FRS frequencies on channels 8 through 14. We tried these radios in town, on the highway, and in camp and at best only had a mile of range. However, when we did have enough signal to make contact the voices were very clear and easily heard. We were able to use these to drive through the campground with a lead car looking for a campsite while the truck/trailer were parked near the entrance to avoid getting stuck somewhere that we could not turnaround. We also used them around camp when going for walks or to the bathrooms.Overall these radios seem to be pretty tough and easy to use. However, if you need them for more than direct line of sight communication at a fairly close range Id suggest you look into the GMRS license to use the longer range frequencies. For the price they could be great for kids getting into radios or for use around a larger property/park area with little to no interference or obstructions.