Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L Capacity, Blue

Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L Capacity, Blue by Westfield Outdoor Inc.

by Westfield Outdoor Inc.
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Hydration compatible
  • Durable poly fabric
  • Air-mesh straps and adjustable back panel for added comfort

  • Item Description

    Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L Capacity, Blue:

    • Hydration compatible, bladder not included
    • 40 Liter capacity, enough for extended trips through the wilderness
    • Waist belt with zippered pockets
    • Top load pack with draw string
    • Sternum strap
    • External and internal zippered pockets for organization on long hikes
    • Durable polyester fabric
    • Air-mesh straps and adjustable back panel to distribute the weight of the pack evenly for added comfort
    • Rain cover in bottom pocket
    • Model #: TB2138-40L
    • Product weight: 2.54 lbs
    • Color: Blue

    What buyers are saying
    So my huney and I have been hiking/camping for a few years now. But I've always used a school backpack. He has a proper hiking backpack and always carried most of the weight. But his pack was always stupid heavy so I decided to get my own. I didn't want to spend a lot bc were on a budget so I took a chance on this one. This pack is AMAZE-BELLS! I stuffed this thing to the brim. Ever nook and cranny filled with backpacking camping gear. We also took two large dogs and had to accommodate for their needs. Picking the pack up was heavy! BUT with allllllllll the features, the moment it was secured on my back it was super comfy. I didn't feel like I was carrying 50+lbs on my back. There are tons of great features on this: a water (camel bag) slot with TWO exit valves for rightys or leftys, 2 quick snack storage on the belt, two easy access compartments on the top (one exterior and one just inside the top flap), secure straps for your walking sticks (which I don't use but still helpful), tight mesh siding so water bottles (or keys or extra snacks or baggies for trash disposal) don't fall out, and more! Best part for me was the FOUR different ways to tighten the pack. It just made it super secure. And even with that much weight it never felt heavy while hiking for a long.period of time. The height of the pack is adjustable and super easy to adjust. So if you have a short torso or long this pack can accommodate for that.DOWNSIDE: It's pretty small. This is a 40lt pack. Which means it's great for short trips, small people, or pared down (experienced) hikers. My huney's pack is a 70Lt and he can carry a lot more gear. Besides that this pack is great and if you can get creative with what u need or can Tetras the heck out of your essentials into small spaces... I recommend.