Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower, 5 gal

Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower, 5 gal by Reliance

by Reliance
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Largest shower head of any solar shower unit
  • Heat water to nearly 100 degrees in approximately 2.5 hours

  • Item Description

    Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Shower, 5 gal:
    • The Reliance Solar Spray boasts the largest shower head of any solar shower unit, which provides maximum water flow when you need it most
    • The unit can heat water to nearly 100 degrees in approximately 2.5 hours
    • The long kink resistant hose has been lengthened so it can easily be used in a shower shelter
    • Shower nozzle has been modified to allow for better water flow
    • An ergonomic handle has been introduced to the unit making it more comfortable to carry
    • S-hook and cord supplied for easy hanging

    What buyers are saying
    I go camping about 120 days a year in all weather conditions. I have six 7 galReliance Water Containers for my water supply to use for hygiene, dishes, cookingand drinking. I have several 5gal solar shower bags. The Reliance Solar Sprayhas the biggest shower head and longest hose of all my solar shower unit,It heated water to nearly 99 degrees in 3.5 hours. It has a long kink resistanthose. I use this shower bag to do dishes only because of it's shape and weightis too heavy to hang in my Walmart shower shelter. It does leak a little whencarrying it from water source and sloshing around. For showers, I heat thewater in my campfire using a Zodi fire coil and 2 7gal Reliance containers. Iput water in the top container, attach coil hose to container, water goes outand down thru the coil while heating it in campfire and out into the bottomcontainer. If the water is not warm enough, I repeat this process by reversingthe bottom container to top and empty top container to the bottom. I then putthe full hot water container outside my shower shelter, put the siphon hoseand pump into the Reliance container, and run the shower hose thru the backtop of shower shelter (where I cut and sewed a velcro open closing). I thenstep inside the dry room of shower shelter, hang my towel, strip andstep into the shower stall, take my warm/hot shower....ahhh! invigoratingafter camping and being dirty all day from all my outdoor activities.As for cleaning the inside of tank, I mix a couple of drops of Aqua Miraaccording to the Aqua Mira directions, put Aqua Mira mix and clean water intank and let sit for a couple of hours/days to sterilize it. I do the same withall six 7 gal Reliance Water Containers, the turn upside down for a day or soin the sun and flip over until dry. The Reliance Solar-Spray Portable Showeris not designed to be abused as it is not a heavy duty water container.