Landmann 8' Firewood Log Rack

Landmann 8' Firewood Log Rack by Landmann

by Landmann
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Sturdy tubular steel construction
  • Black weatherproof finish
  • Neatly stacks and stores wood off of the ground

  • Item Description
    Landmann 8' Firewood Log Rack:
    • 8' firewood rack
    • Designed to store and dry large amounts of firewood in a safe and secure manner
    • Sturdy tubular steel construction
    • Durable and able to withstand the elements
    • Accommodates a large number of firewood logs without any signs of straining and buckling
    • Black weatherproof powder-coat finish
    • Neatly stacks and stores wood 9 1/2 inch off of the ground, protecting it from insects, mud and water
    • Easy assembly that needs only a simple screwdriver and a wrench
    • Lightweight design for easy moving
    • 8' cover not included

    What buyers are saying
    I purchased this log holder based on reading a few reviews and am happy with the product and ease of assembly; 15 minutes with a socket wrench and screw driver and you're done. No need to have an assistant if you assemble 1 upright and 2 rails at a time then join them at the wood site. One comment I read stated each unit holds about 1/2 cord so I bought 2 to stack the cord I was soon to buy. I would change that to say 1/3 cord for each (from a full cord not a face cord) and buy 3 as I needed to stack the remaining 1/3 cord on the deck in front of the holders. By the way, I stacked the logs a row or two above the height of the end upright, also. I hope my attached picture(s) give you reference. I added a large tarp and used old window weights as tie downs.