Midland ER210 Weather Alert Radio

Midland ER210 Weather Alert Radio by Midland

by Midland
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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
What's Included:
  • Midland ER210 E+READY Compact Emergency Crank Wx Radio
  • USB charge cable

Item Description
  • Solar, hand crank and rechargeable battery power sources
  • Cree LED flashlight
  • Smartphone/tablet charger USB connection

What buyers are saying
I take camping trips up to northern Wisconsin using sites with no power. I purchased this due to wx/fm/am capabilities, hand crank charging, solar charging, and the ability to charge devices, in particular cell phones. Here's my review:WX/Fm/am radio- very good, clear reception, good sound, was able to find channels. We did have a storm coming in and the wx feature was a big help.Headphone jack- good, performed fineHand crank charger- poor, never got it charged higher than one out of a possible three bars (full).Solar panel charger-poor, absolutely a waste. I left it in direct sun for over 4 hours and never got more than one bar of charging. It's a pointless feature.USB charging points-poor, another pointless feature, I could plug my phone (camera and communication) or ipad (music) in to draw a charge but when you cant create a full charge to operate the radio itself, how can you charge any device? Flashlight- goodOther: The E210 I purchased last week is layed out differently than the image you see here.Perhaps if Midland ditched the light that indicates the radio is charging, the radio would actually charge to at least 50%? Again, the light is another pointless, if not detracting feature to this product.Bottomline: If you want something that does more than WX/FM/AM capabilities, dont waste your money on this product.