"Garmin vivofit 2 Black Fitness Band"

"Garmin vivofit 2 Black Fitness Band" by Garmin

by Garmin
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on 8-12-2018

Product Features
  • Audible alerts remind you to stay active throughout the day, sounding after every hour of inactivity.
  • Learns your fitness level and sets personalized goals
  • Tracks steps, calories, distance, and sleep patterns
  • Syncs with Garmin Connect

Item Description
Garmin vivofit 2 Black Fitness Band

What buyers are saying
I like the sleep monitor. This lets me know how I'm sleeping. When it comes to my step monitoring, it is really great, keeps track and let me know when I have slow down by the red bar. I have had mine for over 3 years or so. I had to change my battery once in about 2 3/4 years. then change again in 6 months. Nothing to do with the Garmin it was the battery. It has been running good for 6 months and getting ready to order my other half one, so he can keep up with his sleep and steps. I have not use the other function as I was not interested then. now that I have slow down I will be checking into them. this is a great buy.