Ozark Trail Lightweight Aluminum Frame Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 2

Ozark Trail Lightweight Aluminum Frame Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 2 by Westfield Outdoor Inc.

by Westfield Outdoor Inc.
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on 6-14-2018

Product Features
  • 90 inch long x 51 inch wide x 42 inch tall
  • Ultralight all-season tent
  • 6.8 lbs tent for 2 people

  • Item Description

    <br><br>Ozark Trail Lightweight Aluminum Frame Backpacking Tent, Sleeps 2:
    • 90 inch Long x 51 inch Wide x 42 inch Tall There is added width to this tent at the entrances to provide cover for gear in the vestibule outside of the inner tent
    • Ultralight All-Season Tent Giving you shelter 12 months each year
    • 6.8 lbs Tent for 2 People Translates to 3.4 lbs per person trail weight
    • Aluminum Hub Frame Solid, quiet and lightweight. Hub design is confusion-free and sets up fast
    • Dual-Entrance Design Gives each roommate a personal gear storage area and entrance
    • Seam-Taped Rain Fly Provides protection from rain, sleet, snow and wind
    • No-See-Um Mesh Panoramic Walls Breathes well and keeps critters out, even the smallest No-See-Ums
    • Polyester Fabric Waterproof Tub Floor Keeps ground moisture out of the tent

    What buyers are saying
    I suppose at the $44 clearance price some may maintain that this is an OK deal, but I'm very disappointed and will be returning this tent. I loved the design of this tent, was especially impressed by the quality of the aluminum frame, and really wanted to judge this tent as the bargain that I hoped it would be. When I started to assemble the tent indoors, my first reaction was quite positive, but that changed very quickly. As I connected one of the inner straps with grommet to the frame's above-the-door cross section, I immediately saw that the weak nylon strap was fraying around the grommet. As I re-positioned the grommet, it ripped out entirely. I now see that the all-important straps and grommets on this tent are obviously poor quality. Still questioning whether I should return and replace this tent (given the low price), I inspected it a bit further. Upon further inspection I immediately spotted a poor quality seam that was open. That was enough for me - I will simply return this tent for refund. Note: For $44, I wouldn't disagree if your point is that you might be luckier and get your money's worth from this disappointing tent that does have nice features and design at a low clearance price. But given the quality issues, I'm convinced this tent won't hold up for long and lacks the quality I require.