Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person Modified Dome Tent

Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person Modified Dome Tent by COLEMAN

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on 8-12-2018

Product Features
  • Ground vent
  • WeatherTec System keeps you dry

  • Item Description
    Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person Modified Dome Tent:
    • Fits two queen-sized airbeds
    • Ground vent improves air circulation
    • Maximum ventilation rainfly separates to expose back window
    • WeatherTec System keeps you dry
    • Red dome camping tent measures 14' x 8'

    What buyers are saying
    So I was searching and searching for a tent that we could stand up in, without it being so humongous that it would take up our entire campsite!! I was between a couple tents and this one just seemed like it had a better design.PROS 1) There's room to stand up and walk throughout the tent. 2) It is still a dome styled tent (which many taller tents are not) so rain and whatever else will slide right off the top without creating pools on top like a flat top/or sharply angled tent would. 3) The structure of the dome is wide but still high. With the curvature of the dome being higher to the top, there's even more usable standing space. 4) Fully lined zippers, bathtub welded floor, great stitching & rain fly = no rain or water leaks! 5) great ventilation, provides a big open back window (without zipper closure) which is covered by the rain fly for privacy when completely down, or the rain fly can be tied off to the sides for partial window, or rain fly can come off to allow open mesh window to be completely exposed and open. side windows with zipper closures still remain partially private with the rain fly on, and are high enough that outsiders can only see your head anyways. door provides excellent ventilation as well! 6) comes with door mat. I don't think it was mentioned in the product listing, and i really didn't think we would use it, but i'm glad we did... it kept the inside of the tent grass/dirt free! 7) Was just me, my boyfriend, and our dog, but there was a ton of room in there. We had a queen bed, and a dog bed with ample room on all sides of us for our belongings. We even turned the bed after we woke up for the day so we had even more open space to walk around and get dressed ect. (the foot of the bed was on the door side of the tent and the head was by the back window.) 8) I liked the fact that we were able to put our outside belongings inside the tent, just so our things weren't on display while we were gone.CON (AT FIRST THEN PRO): My boyfriend was hung up on the fact that the tent was going to be huge. WRONG. Any bigger and I think it would take up too much room. The tent is rectangular so it is long, but not too wide (It's as wide as a queen mattress is tall). So it is the perfect size without over doing it, and without taking up the whole campsite!!BOTTOM LINE: great tent and easy setup! glad I got this one!