Gerber Mini Paraframe Fine Edge Clip Folding Knife

Gerber Mini Paraframe Fine Edge Clip Folding Knife by Gerber Blades

by Gerber Blades
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on 8-12-2018

Product Features
Gerber Mini Paraframe Fine Edge Knife - Folding Style - 2.22\\ inch Blade - Fine Edge - Clip Point - High Carbon Stainless Steel

Item Description

Gerber Mini Paraframe Fine Edge Clip Folding Knife:
  • Overall length: 5.25
  • Blade length: 2.22
  • Closed length: 3.07
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Lock mechanism: frame-lock
  • Blade style: clip point
  • Blade material: high carbon stainless steel
  • Blade type: fine edge
  • Lightweight, open stainless steel handle
  • Opening style: 1-hand opening
  • Sturdy pocket clip

What buyers are saying
It's actually pretty amazing what you get for the price, especially when you carry and use it on a daily basis. I just picked up my second Gerber Mini Paraframe knife because the first one I had finally bit the dust, but that was only after it had gone through 5 + years of extremely heavy daily use (I'm a mechanic). The blade kept it's edge for a crazy long time considering the how inexpensive it was, and with the Lansky deluxe knife sharpening system (which I highly recommend for sharpening any knives you have), it was super easy to resharpen when needed. Considering the overall use that I got out of this knife, I'd say it's more than a steal for the price and the quality is far higher than I ever expected for something so inexpensive. Plus it's a great looking well made and easy to carry knife and from my experience so far, everything I've used from Gerber has been exceptional in quality and extremely long lasting. I would feel comfortable recommending this knife to anyone simply because it's pretty rare to get this much \"bang for your buck inch out of anything.