Igloo 4.5 cu ft Kegerator Beer Bar, Black

Igloo 4.5 cu ft Kegerator Beer Bar, Black by CURTIS INTERNATIONAL LTD.

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on 10-2-2018

Product Features
  • Pull top to dispense cold and refreshing beer
  • Easy to install
  • Adjutsable caster wheels

  • Item Description

    Igloo 4.5 cu ft Kegerator Beer Bar, Black:
    • 4.5 cu ft capacity
    • Beer tap to dispense
    • Pull top to dispense cold and refreshing beer
    • Easy to install
    • Easy-to-use draft dispenser
    • Adjustable caster wheels
    • Handy drip tray
    • Contemporary black and chrome-look fits any decor
    • Includes keg coupler, glass marble and rubber choke
    • CO2 regulator, beer tower tap, beer hose, beer tower washer, high pressure washer, air hose, drip pan top, keg base board and beer tower hole cover
    • CO2 tank valve, guardrail and beer tap wrench
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Dimensions: 22W x 27D x 34H

    What buyers are saying
    Read the bad reviews and purchased anyway figuring maybe it wouldnt arrived as damaged as people say. WRONG the flimsy box nearly fell apart getting it off the truck.. I said to the driver \"I don't think I should accept this its in a terrible state inch he assured me the packaging inside was good but I could clearly see it exposed. The hinge was broken off so my husband had to replace that.. the seal never tightly sealed from the get go.. the co2 tank isnt right either.. you get mostly head and no beer. It had scratches on it and a 1/2 barely fits in it.. you have to really look to see the brand of beers that fit since the kegs are all different shapes you dont have many choices. We're taking it back with no box because it was impossible to salvage.Great price but definitely not worth the headache of the return and all the things wrong with it.. should have went with my FIRST instinct of NOT purchasing just from the reviews.. should have went with my SECOND instinct not to accept from the driver