Costway 10'x30'Heavy duty Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Party Wedding Tent

Costway 10'x30'Heavy duty Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Party Wedding Tent by Costway

by Costway
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on 8-12-2018

Product Features
Model:30 X 10 Ft (four-side wall)Material:PolyethyleneNumber of wall cover:8Frame:White Powder Coated Steel/w PE joint fittingsSidewalls:90g Polyethylene +Water proof+UVSIZE:30 X 10 Ft6 x Walls w/Windows / 2 x zip-up doorway

Item Description

What buyers are saying
I paid $100 for this ten I was planning on using it for my wedding ceremony on Saturday we set it up Saturday morning and the whole thing collapsed not to mention when we were putting it together the poles would not latch into each other so we had to use duct tape to hold all the polls together then putting on the tarp all the scenes were ripping it says that this canopy is heavy duty this canopy reminds me of tissue paper it is so fragile you get one small gust of wind just a little bit and this tent is going to be collapsed in your yard do yourself the favor and do not purchase this tent spend a little bit of extra money and get a better quality do not get anything like this tent at all from any other place if it is this style do not get it! The pipes are so thin and the velcro rips right off the tarp. I have already tried calling for different numbers and trying to return this they want you to send pictures of the damage and they are making the customer pay to ship it back they do not pay for shipping it is the customer's responsibility even if you buy the extra warranty